Four Tips to Cure Cabin Fever

Take a stay vacation or plan a party to cure cabin fever

You’re not alone if you have a mega fever – cabin fever that is. Just as all that snow melted from the last blizzard and the weather seem to be turning the seasonal corner, either another blast of icy cold or the white stuff has us hurrying back indoors.

Take a stay vacation or plan now to visit somewhere interesting, like Chicago, this summer
Take a stay vacation or plan now to visit somewhere interesting, like Chicago, this summer

Here are four doable prescriptions to ease cabin fever.

  • Green isn’t just the color of lawns and leaves when the weather finally cooperates. It also comes with an Irish accent and a lively, musical lilt. Plan now to host a fun St. Patrick’s Day party or talk with friends about getting together at an Irish pub that will have a dance group or live music. Begin planning now to have something to look forward to a few weeks away.
  • Take a stay-vacation where you only have to travel to a nearby B&B, resort or downtown hotel. Many places are offering good deals before the Spring Break and Easter rush. Choose a place with a spa or one that is near a fine restaurant or live theater to make the getaway even more special. Need an excuse? Isn’t it a half birthday or anniversary of something?
  • Start planning your summer vacation. Look on line for a range of accommodations, things to do and transportation options. By starting now you should have more lodging and price choices. And you start to feel more connected to the places you hope to go instead of house bound by snow and cold.
  • Remember the 2011 blizzards will be conversation items for years to come. So, gather your photos and memories, put them in a scrapbook and close the book on this winter.

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  1. I have started to think about planning a summer vacation. My husband went back to work (after being retired, twice) so now I really have to plan and not just ‘wing it.’

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