Questions you ought to ask before you book your accommodations

Asking questions before booking accommodations does not make you a prima donna. It makes you a smart traveler.

You are tech savvy so you already know to check if a place is WiFi or if there is a fee to hook up your lap top. But there are a lot more things that can make the difference between an OK and really good trip whether for work or play.

Odd as this may sound, think about what you like or wish you could change at home.

Bathroom – Think about the times you checked in to find a bathroom that was just redone and a dream compared to what you had at home. Or maybe, the opposite happened.

  • Do you have a shower but wish you had a soaking tub or a Jacuzzi?
  • Do you have a tub but wish you had a really good rain shower with space to sit?
  • Are you used to enough space to spread out shaving or makeup stuff at home so hate when you can’t do that when traveling?

Imagine checking in and finding your room has a shower but you want a tub or it has a pedestal sink with no place to put anything except on top of the toilet seat which you usually leave up.

By not taking settling for just anything, you are not a prima donna, you are a smart traveler.

Our room at the InterContinental Montelucia Resort & Spa had an amazing bathroom, fine view and comfortable seating
Our room at the InterContinental Montelucia Resort & Spa had an amazing bathroom, fine view and comfortable seating

Do: Send an email or call to find out exactly what the bathrooms have before booking a room.

Bedroom – What kind of bedding do you have, does the view matter and do you want a comfortable chair and a king size bed? For example: B&B’s are charming but some have a comfortable reading chair and others have just a place to sit to put on shoes. Many B&B’s only have space for queen or regular size beds.

  • It’s OK to ask for two beds if traveling with a partner who cocoons so you end up with no blanket or who kicks and turns throughout the night.
  • If you need a hard mattress then ask if any of the rooms have that.
  • If you hate the little pillows so many hotels think are a cute décor statement, ask if the hotel has regular or large size pillows. Some hotels even have a pillow concierge.
  • Unless you have a suite the bedroom is your base of operations so ask about the view. A room listed as partial view probably means you can see the water between the trees in winter when the leaves are gone or you have to step out onto a balcony and almost fall off to see it.
  • Rooms usually say if they have a chair but check if it is for the desk or a comfortable, upholstered chair.

Do: Look at the rooms on line. Most places show rooms in different price categories.

Be sure you know what comes with the accommodations

If a deal sounds too good to be true –

  • Check for add-ons such as a resort fee which you would have to pay just to use the pool or workout room
  • Check if the deal is per person or per room
  • Ask how old the place is and when it was last renovated or updated. Historic is charming but mildew and mold aren’t.

Checking before booking may sound like a lot of work but it is worth avoiding the hassles later.