Signs of Spring Training

Sloan Park in Mesa, AZ. (JJacobs photo)
Sloan Park in Mesa, AZ. (JJacobs photo)


Yes, weather has been strange so far in 2024 but Spring must be on the horizon because the annual gathering of baseball teams in Florida for Grapefruit League games and in the Phoenix area for Cactus League matches starts this week. Feb. 22.

Hopefully you can still book airline tickets to your team’s spring location.

Why go? If you haven’t tried it before you quickly find out that Spring Training games are casual. You sit closer to the action and often can interact more with players before and after the games. It’s fun.

Getting game tickets: For Cactus League games such as the Cubs, it is easier to get tickets to watch your team play at opponents’ parks. In the Cactus League that is not a problem because the 15 teams are located within 47 miles of each other or less.

Special events: Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays will play each other in the Dominican Republic March 9-10 in Santo Domingo.

Then, March 14-17 the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues will hold MLB Spring Breakout – 16 exhibition games showcasing their team’s top prospects.

Opening Day of the 2024 regular season is March 28

For team stadium locations visit Cactus League and Grapefruit League

Find more information at MLB Official Information |

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