February Snow Moon appears with temps moving up


Full Moon (J Jacobs photo)
Full Moon (J Jacobs photg)

Bright light flooded the bedroom and bath Friday, Feb.24, 2024 without turning on the switch.

It was, and will be for a couple of days, due to the Snow Moon that actually reaches full illumination at 7:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 25.

It appeared kind of small on Friday but that is because the February full moon is also a Micro full moon (as opposed to a Supermoon.

That means its apogee is farthest from Earth. In this case that is about 252,225 miles away.

It is called the Snow Moon because February, typically, though not in 2024 in which the Earth is experiencing climate change events, has more snow than the other months.

In the Chicago area, the first measurable snow fell Feb. 23 and covered the ground due to cold temps, through Feb. 24.

But the snow is disappearing Feb. 25 due to unusually high temps. However, look up and see the “Snow Moon” Sunday night.

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