Six tips for a fun Oscar Night party

You know the Academy Awards will be going to movies you loved and those you haven’t seen on Oscar Night, Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017. But you haven’t made it out to LA and tuning into ABC beginning at 6 p.m. CT to see who wore what, said what or grabbed a gold plated statuette is just more fun with friends, so ….

The Oscar statuette is used here by permission from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
The Oscar statuette is used here by permission from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences



Get those invites out now! Fortunately you don’t have to go the old snail mail route. Free online invites are available thanks to Punchbowl at Oscars Red Carpet


Dress to impress

Take a page from those interviews on the Red Carpet and suggest guests do black tie (bow tie and shorts would do for the guys and slinky or low cut anything for the gals)

Or ask guests to wear something in keeping with a favorite movie from any year.


Food and drink

If guests ask what can they bring say you’ll provide the champagne, sparkling wine and whatever other drinks favored but will say thanks to dips, patés and cupcakes.


Decorations and favors

Pick up little Oscar-like statuettes, a red carpet if so desired, plates, decorations and Hollywood fun stuff  from a party store such as Card & Party Giant, 1318 Waukegan Rd., Glenview, IL (847-657-7770).



Run off copies of the 2017 nominees from ceremonies for everyone to follow along, check off and make their predictions. And pass out statuettes or other awards to the winners.


Trivia and fun facts games

Use the thank-you times and commercials to ask trivia Qs or share fun info.

  • Wallet-Hub has come up with a couple of tidbits such as the current Oscar statuette is valued at $696.
  • Look at the timeline on the Oscar site to pull some fun Qs from itsuch as when was the First Best Picture. A It was “Wings” in 1929.
  • Or Q. Who Won Best Actress and Actor in 1960. A Simone Signoret for “Room at the Top” and  and Charlton Heston for “Ben Hur.”
  • Or Q. When and how was the International Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences founded. A. In 1927  at a dinner at M-G-M studio head Louis B. Mayer’s home followed by a meeting of like-minded movers and shakers a week later at at Los Angeles’s Ambassador Hotel.
  • Or Q. Who was its first Academy President. A. Douglas Fairbanks 1927-29
  • Go to Oscar Go for more  fun facts


Have fun!