Yummy snack travels well

There are lots of travel items out there now that make life easier, safer, more fun or are just useful to have so I’m going to start including them in Travel Smart With Jodie if it passes the Try Test.

First up that just got high grades on my taste to go Try Test are freeze dried fruits from Fairfield, NJ’s Crispy Green.

Found a fruit snack to go at the grocery store

Found a fruit snack to go at the grocery store

I’m not always into healthy snacks but I like chips. So when passing bags of fruit chips at my grocery store ( I shop at Sunset Foods in Lake Forest), I picked up a bag of Crispy Green freeze dried banana chips. I found out that I could also have gotten them at The Fresh Market, Heinens or on Amazon.

Well, I like fruit but I don’t take a banana with me in the car or my tote bag.

Then I checked the calorie count. It was so low I picked up a few of the brand’s other fruits. For example I’m not a cantaloupe or tangerine eater and can’t do acidic fruits but I like banana, mango , apple and pear.

I loved that I could take them with me whether on a train downtown Chicago to cover a museum or theater opening or on the road or plane for a travel writing trip. Also I liked that there are different fruits so it doesn’t get boring.

Just put banana in my Le Sac travel bag, cause heading down to Chicago to cover to art exhibits.

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