No stress last minute shopping

Yikes, there are almost no shopping minutes left but the list still needs check-offs.

There’s the present for the hair stylist and we have to get hostess gifts for a couple of New Year’s Eve parties. Then, we have to get something for the in-laws but just haven’t had time. Counting the presents to bring to the family dinner there doesn’t seem to be one for a niece.

Don’t despair if any of the scenarios sound familiar. As much fun as fighting for a space at a shopping mall may sound, there are alternatives when seeking a perfect present.

Check out your grocery store and local drug store, really.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

A stop for bread may mean passing the fruit section where a basket is already holiday wrapped in cellophane and topped by a bow.

You know about bringing a bottle of wine but the next aisle is likely to have bar tools and clever corkscrews.

Fresh, extra virgin oil is in. More grocery stores now stock oils you can fill in bottles.

Now, think drug store. Walgreens and CVS carry picture frames, perfumes, jewelry and toys. They also have gift cards for other stores such as Barnes & Nobel and Macy’s.  As for gift wrapping, make it easy with holiday bags and tissue paper found in the card section.

Whew! Done.

Travel Smart With Jodie wishes everyone a Happy Holiday and a safe, healthy New Year.

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